Challenge week 2014

Although challenge week did not begin with a good start ( I missed my flight AND the connecting one ), Taiwan had been good to me! 

Cute Bed and Breakfast place we rented

Wandering around in train tracks 

Cafe hopping in dodgy places

Immersing ourselves in tribe cultures

waking up when the sky is still full of stars

Climbing up mountain peaks to catch a glimpse of the Alishan sunrise

Writing down our dreams and letting it loose in the sky

Being in touch with nature..

HAHA no guys, no.
Pictures lie!

The trip itself was so fun and definitely a memorable one, but it is called ' Challenge Week ' for a reason and the week was full of tough challenges and going out of our comfort zones. We had to wake up super early almost everyday and went trekking up mountains - challenging for some people ahem me. And the hotels/ airbnb's we rented werent all that cozy and warm either! Think unrenovated small spaces with a tiny bathroom for 5. Some foods are weird and the weather is bipolar, but overall, Taiwan had been uhmazing and Im glad I got to experience such moments!

stay tuned for pictures!