Not even sure where to start but I'll just leave to it that LDRs are definitely not for the weak and it really puts the foundation of the relationship into a test. For me at least it means being homesick for a person most of the time, living in a constant countdown and missing out on the things some couples took for granted. A text wont ever beat a hug and a million emojis cant beat looking at actual expressions. But I guess with the right person, its all so worth it



It reallyyyyyyy is



This picture above never fails to calm me down or just help me stay grounded. There is just something about the stars that fascinates me (but it might be my inner peterpan-lover speaking or my obsession with anything glittery). Or maybe it sort of reminds me that there is so much more to see in the world (travel bucketlist!)  So much left to see and explore. I do realize that sometimes I talk as if my head is floating off the ground. A well meaning friend just told me I should stop seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, get my ass back to reality, stop living in the Nicholas Sparks novels, stop giving people the benefit of the doubt, stop being all ''sunshine and rainbow sprinkles and unicorns'' (her exact words). But I cant help it, when it comes to feelings and emotions, I feel too much or none at all. In that sense I think It made more sense for me to see the glass half full in every situation. 
I just turned 20 last week and ironically, the older I get the more I feel like I dont know anything. But if there is one thing that I finally learnt , its that I have to put myself first before anyone. This is such a no-brainer concept, and one that my mom has always tried to ingrain on me from years ago but Im only beginning to appreciate it now. I dont think putting yourself first mean that you're better than everyone else, I think what it really meant is prioritising yourself, know your worth, know what you deserve (or dont deserve), and always making sure you're comfortable before making decisions. And if something doesn't feel right, to be able to trust gut instinct and be brave enough to cut out toxic situations. 

Anywaysss, guess who did more shopping

I got soooo excited everytime I received a package!

This time I headed over to the colourpop website and saw that they were doing free shipping so of course I had to take advantage of this. I ended up choosing 3 mauve lip shades and one highlighter. I got a free ultra satin lip as well so I it was legit a pretty good deal. The only problem was that everything was so pigmented so I guess I'll only be able to wear them as an evening look. Otherwise the shades and formula is gorgeous and a good steal for its price. (Although the free ultra satin lip turned out super dark and made me look like a grandma). 

I swear I need to stop buying lip products. I just bought Lolita 2 by Kat Von D and PeriPera's Velvet ink in Coral the other week.


38 ways to love yourself

Found this article by Becca Martin at thoughtcatalog.com and sharing this to whoever needs this.

Here goes 38 ways to love yourself more 
1. Start putting yourself first when you feel yourself starting to crash.
2. Stop being so hard on yourself.
3. Buy your favorite candles and light them while you relax in bed.
4. Draw yourself a nice hot bath and let all your thoughts disappear.
5. Sit on the couch with no distractions and watch your favorite movie with your favorite snack.
6. Visit a place in your town that you’ve never been to before.
7. Try meditating with a YouTube video or a guided app.
8. Buy yourself beautiful, fresh-cut flowers and let them liven up your life.
9. Go for a drive with your favorite station playing and just get lost in thought.
10. Spend some time by the closest body of water to you.
11. Spoil yourself with a massage or pedicure.
12. Go for a run or walk outside to get some fresh air.
13. Draw or write or find some other way to creatively express yourself, even if you don’t think you’re any good.
14. Spend some time in the kitchen trying to cook up that recipe you’ve had saved for months.
15. Call someone you love and tell them you love them.
16. Take an hour of your day to do something you enjoy, but never feel like you have time for.
17. Treat yourself to that shirt (or dress, or home accessory) you’ve had your eye on.
18. Try to teach yourself five words in a new language every week.
19. Create a scrapbook of all your favorite memories.
20. Drink lots of water, more than you think you should.
21. Make note of one nice thing that happened to you every day, and if nothing good happened to you then do something nice for someone else.
22. Listen to your favorite old songs.
23. Stretch.
24. Take yourself out on a date.
25. Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for in your life.
26. Allow yourself to binge watch your favorite Netflix show without feeling guilty.
27. Clean your house, declutter everything that you feel is suffocating you.
28. Practice yoga.
29. Go outside and breathe in some fresh air.
30. Wash your face and lather your body in lotion.
31. Laugh, a lot. Go to an improv show or watch your favorite comedy.
32. Buy a self-care book and indulge in it.
33. Put only healthy, nutritional food in your body for a week.
34. Call an old friend and catch up on lost time.
35. Realize you are enough.
36. Love yourself.
37. Daydream about all the things you want to accomplish and write them down.
38. Start chasing those dreams and believe in yourself, hard

hope to highlight and cross of more stuff in the next few days!

Hope everyone is doing good



Ive missed Bondi Beach. Yesterday after a long boring lecture I cant even remember, I spontaneously decided to revisit one of my frequently visited cafes (Speedos) in Bondi and this time I dragged my sister along. (Since she mentioned that she had been wanting to try out the cafe for some time)

Pancakes! With caramelised bananas on top! This makes me happy but the dish was too sweet for one person to finish the whole thing. Thank god we decided to share dishes.

I'd definitely recommend the peanut butter smoothie. Sel was reluctant to try it out at first (because ew peanut butter in a smoothie?) but It was really good, especially in the hot weather today. Its so weird how Sydney weather works. Super hot one minute and freezing on the next.

I skipped gym today and ditched my assignments so I have lots to catch up tomorrow ahaha. But today's been great



I cant believe its May already. Only one more month to go before I go back home to Indo woots. The weather's definitely getting colder but not enough for sweater weather yet. Right now the only thing I want is for exams to be over.

Also, Loreal came up with this range of lipstick (I think its called 'La vi en Rose') and I immediately fell in love with the shade 'Naomi's delicate rose'. Its a beautiful mauvey-nude pink colour and I feel like it made the list to my MLBB collection. Its also surprisingly sheer, so its casual enough for everyday use. Major love! I swear I cant seem to get enough of nude lipstick. They all look the same but trust me, once you start buying one, you'll always find a reason to add another to your collection. 

I think shopping (or pampering myself lol) is my new stress mechanism. The other day I was feeling overwhelmed by assignments and I just bought this new shampoo on impulse even though my old one has not run out yet. But if I have to be stressed, at least my hair feels silky and smells like a bouquet of roses

Also, look at my nail polish collection. I know they look similar but I swear they have different undertones and does not give off the same effect on my fingers. Im into nudes right now (if you cant already tell) and I just added the Sally Hanson miracle gel in 'mauvy rose' into my collection. Ive been eyeing Essie's shade in 'Spin the Bottle',  but lets wait til my next stress shopping episode.

Sleep deprivation + constant migraine + Cold weather
May is just so academically demanding but I guess my schedule will be less hectic in another two weeks. 

Hope everyone is not suffering from insomnia / bipolarity like me lol I genuinely wish whoever is reading this have a good day


three blue ducks

I want to say Im doing fine and all is good but the truth is uni pressure is killing me and at this point I just can try my best and take it one day at a time. But honestly everything is going on track. Im glad I started assignments early and did not procrastinate on projects.
Had brunch with Sel earlier this morning and this time we decided to explore places near Alexandria.

Three Blue Ducks

I feel like Alexandria is full of empty warehouse - renovated into cafes and I honestly love it. Big windows, airy spaces and personalised charm. Also, the service there is super friendly too

It was also scorching hot today

See what I mean? The cafe's got charm

The weather's been transitioning to Winter and most of my friends usually switch to hot beverages at uni around this time. The other day I tried ordering a 'soy mocha' because I heard the girl in front of me ordering it and it sounded so cool. Also,  I usually love mocha-flavoured anything. But it turned out to be the worst thing Ive ever swallowed. 
The Banana Smoothie I ordered earlier was okay. Too much yoghurt, too little bananas. I prefer the ones I usually get at Uni.

Sel arrived just in time as the food was being served. I always look like I got stood up by my date everytime I go out for brunch with Sel (she's always at least 25 mins late) and I learnt my lesson by always carrying a book with me so I dont look stupid

I ordered the Pokebowl!! Chock full of avocado, kimchi, seafood, grains, cucumbers, brown rice (??)
I think I could've ordered a more 'delicious' dish but I wasnt feeling very well and I had crap diet last week so I didnt regret ordering this (although Sel rolled her eyes at my dish). The whole thing was pretty tasty, but there is only so much you can do to a dish full of greens like this lol.

Ive missed playing around with my camera and just taking a breather in the midst of life. Just the other day Xin Yi ( I honestly love that girl so much) recommended this book to me (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle). Im only beginning chapter 3 but this book has already given me so much to think about. I usually can go through two novels in one day and the only reason its taking me so long to read this one is because I feel like I need to pause at every paragraph just to absorb the newfound knowledge lol. Its honestly been helping me so much already and Im excited at what Im gonna learn next! 
So if anyone is like me (aka always anxious), I'd hands down recommend this book