7 ways to improve your life

  1. Wake up a bit earlier everyday. From 8, make it 7, from 7 make it 6. And when you finally manage to awake early enough, just open your window and listen to the breeze, or admire the quiet before the bustle of anyone else. Just still yourself and listen for a while. There is nothing more peaceful than a place before anyone else has awoken. Some mornings, watch the sunrise. Watch the sky change colour. Just breathe.
  2. Eat something healthy every morning. Whether it is a smoothie, or a lot of fruit, and eggs and juice, greek yogurt or granola. Eating healthy first thing in the mornings makes such a difference to your body and your mood, you would be surprised. Eat your breakfast outdoors, whether in a balcony or the garden. Enjoy these quiet moments by yourself.
  3. Exercise and stretch. Start with 10 minutes. Then work it up to twenty. Then to thirty. Whether it is going for walks or running on the treadmill or doing weights. Just work out for a few minutes every morning to get yourself ready for the day. Wake your muscles up and let yourself energise.
  4. Do one nice thing every day. It doesn’t have to be big, just something nice for someone else. Buy the person behind you coffee in the queue. Call someone you love and let them know you appreciate them. Help someone who needs it. It will make you fall in love with yourself and your life, the smile from a grateful stranger who really needed the help.
  5. Have a bath or a shower at leisure instead of a hurry. Get our your favourite shampoo, your favourite showergel, your most lovely smelling bath mix. Turn on the music. Get that perfect temperature. Allow yourself to think, and breathe to the sound of your favourite music and smells.
  6. Instead of watching a film or TV, pick a book to get lost in. Choose something different for a change. After work, or after a tough day, get your favourite hot drink, and find your cosiest, most comfortable chair, and just get lost in the words for a while.
  7. Sleep a bit earlier everyday. Your body will thank you more if your sleep at 9 o clock than if you sleep at 12, and you will wake up feeling wonderful every morning, the better a sleep habit you develop.

Got this from Nikita Gill from thoughtcatalog.com 






One fine day

As I am writing this I am slouched *VERY unattractively* in my bed with the worst migraine and stomachache. Did nothing but eat the whole day so I am feeling very self conscious about my weight. I guess this feeling just come and goes, although we try to tell ourselves we should not focus on superficial stuff like that and to always look at the bigger picture in everything but for me I guess the problem is deep rooted and I kind of hate it a lot. 
Just a few days ago a friend asked me how to distinguish between 'love' and 'like'. Specifically, she asked how to tell when it is 'love'. The question actually caught me off guard because I never gave it a thought before. Back then in primary years I guess love was getting notes or valentines day presents and as we get older it began to seem so much more complex and abstract. I still dont know what love is, but I know what it is not. At the very least, Love is not supposed to make you feel unsettled and anxious. 
Im a pretty private person and I like my own space, I could never understand others who let others in so easily, but if there's anything you take out of this ramble, I guess I hope you stay single until you find someone that actually makes you a better and happier person. I hope people would only date others that complements their life, make their days a bit brighter and make problems just a bit easier to deal with. Find someone you could be unapologetically yourself with. 



First weekend of the semester and Im already spoiling myself with unnecessary pretty foods with hefty price tags. To justify myself lets just say that I had an unnecessarily bad week but I really think a long and good cry makes every burden so much lighter and easier. 
Went to the grounds of alexandria this morning and it easily scored as one of my favourite places to go in Sydney!

Im still lactose intolerant and Im still eating cake


Yen ordered rabbit meat today!! I got to try some and I dont like it. The texture is wrong and the stench is too strong.

Rose Lemonade

Also witnessed a marriage proposal and it was the cutest thing ever!


Cake by the Ocean

Im trying to not rant or share too much because all my old posts are so so cringe worthy I ended up deleting most entries but we all know I will end up doing exactly that anyways. But I guess Im trying to get back on track blogging since it keeps me happy and busy. Im trying to occupy my time by reintroducing my old hobbies back into my routines. That means picking up my camera more, learning new techniques, do more journal writing, read books, go out more. God knows what Ive been doing the last few months. Dont know why I stopped doing stuffs that I enjoy for no reason.
Lets see if I can keep up my promise this time.

Kirribilli wharf for brunch at the Celcius coffee and co

Yen is visiting Sydney for a while so I get to spend time with her!

Celsius breakfast with toast, avocado, herbed mushrooms and green potatoes. 

Had my usual green juice and Yen had the watermelon detox

definitely not my face next week because uni has officially begun and I cant deal


It reallyyyyyyy is



This picture above never fails to calm me down or just help me stay grounded. There is just something about the stars that fascinates me (but it might be my inner peterpan-lover speaking or my obsession with anything glittery). Or maybe it sort of reminds me that there is so much more to see in the world (travel bucketlist!)  So much left to see and explore. I do realize that sometimes I talk as if my head is floating off the ground. A well meaning friend just told me I should stop seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, get my ass back to reality, stop living in the Nicholas Sparks novels, stop giving people the benefit of the doubt, stop being all ''sunshine and rainbow sprinkles and unicorns'' (her exact words). But I cant help it, when it comes to feelings and emotions, I feel too much or none at all. In that sense I think It made more sense for me to see the glass half full in every situation. 
I just turned 20 last week and ironically, the older I get the more I feel like I dont know anything. But if there is one thing that I finally learnt , its that I have to put myself first before anyone. This is such a no-brainer concept, and one that my mom has always tried to ingrain on me from years ago but Im only beginning to appreciate it now. I dont think putting yourself first mean that you're better than everyone else, I think what it really meant is prioritising yourself, know your worth, know what you deserve (or dont deserve), and always making sure you're comfortable before making decisions. And if something doesn't feel right, to be able to trust gut instinct and be brave enough to cut out toxic situations. 

Anywaysss, guess who did more shopping

I got soooo excited everytime I received a package!

This time I headed over to the colourpop website and saw that they were doing free shipping so of course I had to take advantage of this. I ended up choosing 3 mauve lip shades and one highlighter. I got a free ultra satin lip as well so I it was legit a pretty good deal. The only problem was that everything was so pigmented so I guess I'll only be able to wear them as an evening look. Otherwise the shades and formula is gorgeous and a good steal for its price. (Although the free ultra satin lip turned out super dark and made me look like a grandma). 

I swear I need to stop buying lip products. I just bought Lolita 2 by Kat Von D and PeriPera's Velvet ink in Coral the other week.