Such a pretty day at Sydney today

Went to a cute cafe after class



Last week I had the sudden crave for matcha (which was not unusual ) and had the inspiration to bake my own cookies! There was a time I thought baking was my passion and I used to bake every single week perfecting recipes. Since it has been a while I used the oven and whisk, I did not have high expectations for the matcha cookies but they turned out so good! Appearance wise I know I have a lot to improve on, it bothers me how the circles are not perfect and the second batch was a bit burnt due to negligence but Im proud of myself hehe

Earlier today I picked out dried roses for my next baking venture. I figured, why not incorporate flowers (and a sprinkle of pink) into the batter :3 I decided on butter shortbread cookies in the end. 

Verdict : according to the boyfriend this one was even better than the matcha cookies! It has the crumbly, melt-in-mouth texture with the aroma of butter and just a hint of roses. I know I have a lot to learn for the appearances of my cookies but as of now I am just really happy to have pulled off my baking adventures

I noticed how I only used to write when Im feeling sad but this year Ive been blogging in a happy state yayy



2018 had been a great year and I cant wait for what 2019 has to offer, I feel like as years go by the more I understand myself better and consequently 2018 was the year I know how to tackle challenges. Its kind of amazing how you just go about your day, feeling like nothing has changed but then you look back and realised otherwise. For me the biggest change I see in myself is learning that comparison is a thief of happiness and I think I have a stronger personality too. Im no longer nervous in giving presentations/social situations although I still get burnt out. Still believes in fairytales and happy endings and flowers, glitter, tiaras, magic

I like to think that I am a simple creature, simple things make me happy and I have made a list of 10 things that make me smile on a rainy day last year. I am excited to grow the list this year!

1. Books

I have read a lot of books throughout the year. Words, poetry and proses calm my heart and gave me many insights to many things. One of my favourite this year was a gift from one of my bestfriend, its called the art of simplicity and it basically talks about how minimalism goes hand in hand with mindfulness and health. If i try to describe it I wont do the book justice, I implore you to read it at your own pace and you'll get what I mean.

2. Perfume

Last year Women's Weekly magazine posted an article on how fragrance has been scientifically proven to lift up your mood and influence our behavior. Personally, floral notes makes me a happier girl.

Dior described the Blooming Bouquet as the composition designed like a dress embroided with a thousand flowers. More specifically, 'the caress of a fresh rose dressed in peony flowers'. How pretty! This has been my dream perfume for a long time, not only would it look so gorgeoous on a dressing table ( pink and bow) but the scent itself makes me think of paris, pink light, lace, bouquet of roses.
The next perfume is the one I actually owned and given to me as a birthday present by my dear sister hehe, I dont know if she chose it purely due to its exterior (because it is soo pretty!) but the scent was spot on and so so me, I have been using it everyday ever since. The main notes are very sheer (gardenia, violet, jasmine) and its true how the say its scent makes you think of clear sparkling blue sky, meadow full of daisies and flowers in your hair. 

3. Bag

Everyone around me knows just how much I gush bout my bag. I gush about it to my mom and boyfriend all the time. I love it so so much and to be honest, I dont actually know why. Maybe its the first bag that I actually picked out for myself regardless of what people tell me, or maybe its just because of the colour, versatility and spaciousness but nevertheless its my prize possesion and one of the things that makes me happy

4. Flowers

My well trained boyfriend knows just how effective flowers can impact my mood. When it was peonies season in Sydney he surprised me by taking me to a flower shop near the neighbourhood to pick out my own flower bouquet, and every morning I get to wake up to such a pretty pastel sight!!  My personal favourites has to be roses (red, pink), and peonies. Honestly, who doesn't love flowers? What is not to love about them? Seriously I am curious to know. Besides the fact that they attract insects and they rust relatively fast, whats not to loove!

5. Pamper

I am definitely more on the skincare section this year as apposed to makeup. I have combination skin but tend to have dry patches around my face so I am always strict with exfoliation and moisturising every day and night. Fresh Rose face cream has been my greatest find and holy grail this year. I used to always use whatever moisturiser mom provided for me (and they worked really well) but rose face cream just made me skin so soft, plump and smelling like a bouquet of fresh roses. The Lumiere lotion is a shimmer moisturiser for the body and the result is so iridescent. Xin Yi would describe it as ethreal, it leaves a sheer fragrant and a soft shimmery pink sheen on the skin when applied. Its just like a dream.

I bought my first pair of silk pyjamas last month and it made me a happier girl too. Pink was not available so i got it in navy blue. My sister thinks I am being so extra but I swear there is just this feeling, going to bed fully exfoliated, pampered and moisturised, smelling like a bouquet of flowers, wearing silk and sinking on a soft bed with fluffy pillows and  clean crisp sheets that smells like clean laundry. It makes my anxiety temporarily gone. I also developed a habit of making the bed every morning before I start the day, and I swear it makes a difference in my mood. 

6. Music
 All I want - Kodaline
 Dream - Suzy
 Through the night - IU
 Day 1 - Honne 
 Disney Songs 
 Angel - Sarah McLachlan
 What a wonderful world - Louis armstrong
I like music that makes me dream. Life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes (I get easily stimulated as an introvert) and I like to use music as a tool to escape reality, even if just for a little while.

7. Sweets

It is no secret to people who know me that I dont just have a sweet tooth. I have an extremely sweet tooth. My love (read:obsession) with anything sweet got my mom very concerned with diabetes and after (mistakenly) telling my boyfriend about it he too follow suit and firmly believes he will successfully ban me from sugar ( as of now when Im in Dodo's line of vision Im not allowed to have bubble tea, sugary drinks/snacks anymore).... :( 
But they make me so happy

8. Accessories

A few months ago my boyfriend got me a promise ring from Pandora and I have been wearing it every single day ever since. In fact, I feel so naked without it now. The ring makes me so happy for so many reasons, not only does it symbolises love and future and my dodo in general, it is just too pretty! After picking it out I discovered that the ring itself was called 'fairytale sparkle' and I could not find a word more suitable to describe the feeling I get when I see it in my hands. I feel like a princess with her own fairytale happy ending! My boyfriend also got a personalised name charm necklace for my birthday and I love it to bits! Like the ring, I wear it everyday and it has become part of me now. I also got myself a pandora bracelet using the money I earned as a one-time cleaning service girl (good money but never again), I used to dislike the bracelets. I thought it was overhyped and overpriced, but a year later I jumped in the social bandwagon. I love how I can personalise my own charms, I am a sentimental person and I like to put meanings behind everything and the charms allow me to do just that without compromising its aesthetics at all!

9. Videos

Last year I finally discovered my own style, my sister commented that she noticed me wearing more feminine, pink and floral outfits. I ditched most of my street style clothes and realised how I only used them because a lot of people are using them but this year I realised that certain outfits are just not me. I get a lot of inspiration from youtube videos like


10.  My pinterest boards

As a uni student with financial limitations and educational obligations, there is so much in the world I want to see and do, but dont have the means to achieve it just yet. My board keeps me happy and inspired/motivated with the prospect of experiencing it in the future. I use it as a visual bucketlist. I have my life planned out and I cannot wait for it to actually happen!

These are the simple, small, every day things that keeps my heart light and turn rainy days relatively less gloomy. However the true joys from all my years still comes from the people who matters to me, and who inspires me to be the best version of myself. I say this so often but I feel like I cant stress it enough. Its so hard to find people who authentically and genuinely wants to see you grow and flourish. And I feel happiest to receive texts on people who constantly checks up on me to see how I am doing, it makes my heart so so grateful


Spontaneous and super short trip to Jakarta to meet my bestfriends! So good to be catching up again with good foods and amazing vibes. 

Thank you for always inspiring me to be my best version possible,  for always reminding me of self love, and always making sure I feel the unconditional love through every actions since IB. So thankful to have genuine friendships that I wont ever take for granted hehee

Bubba Playhouse Fieldtrip


Leftover pictures from my album.
These days, months, I felt myself getting more reluctant when it comes to sharing my thoughts online. I still feel like there is a lot going on in my head, still felt like there is a story that could be penned down from all my encounters and experiences but as soon as I sit down to write, Im just left with a blank slate in my head. Im a naturally pensive person, I like to contemplate meanings behind hidden meanings, metaphors, and I always think there is a story behind everything. Being an INFJ, I absorbed stimuli really easily as my primary mode of living is focused internally and based on intuition. Writing my thoughts out gives me that outlet to spill all the information gathered in my head, and very often helps me structure them in a way that offers me a clearer perspective of things. I also learn a lot about myself through writing. However I noticed it is something that I now avoid doing because for some reasons I just get writers block whenever I wanted to write.
I have made writing one of the resolutions for the new year.