Monday in pixels

Random dude

My go-to drink now, affogato
Especially in this sydney heatwave 

My mushroom toast with miso butter

Dodo's signature pork katsu sandwich

My love

We talked about law and legislation today. I almost fell asleep

Lecture crash


I am supposed to be working on an essay and an online quiz due soon but instead I am importing pictures from my camera and watching gossip girl in another tab. But oh well here goes

Got myself a free day on thursday and found ourselves on the newport today

My dish : Tofu Udon
Verdict : I actually quite like the dish but the portion is too large for me

His dish : I think it was grilled fish of the day since both of us could not identify the fish

my (well meaning) friends told me I need to work on my resting face because I often come off as arrogant :(


The sweetest hehe


Writing this in uni cafe again after my morning tutorial. It is a wednesday morning and will probably be the heaviest day of the week for me in terms of university but I have a free day tomorrow and the prospect of having a free day to do whatever I want excites me. maybe its the rainy weather, or maybe its the soft instrumental music from the cafe but I am kind of nostalgic today. Every turn and every minute I get reminded of how my daily habits and patterns have changed now. And it just dawned on me how unhappy I was at one stage of my life with myself. I used to take pride on myself for having a good discipline, Ive never liked being anxious and not being able to predict the future scares the hell out of me, it keeps me awake at night. I dealt with that by controlling the things that can be controlled. I hate to mention this but I still struggle with stuff like that. But I guess everyone is a work in progress



hehe he's so adorable

me and dodo have been trying to incorporate baking and cooking into our lifestyles these days. Mostly because both of us decided to spend less this semester but also because we enjoyed the process too. Im still a rookie when it comes to the kitchen but I can feel myself slowly getting better and more comfortable in the kitchen. 

Cookie batter

Dodo googling how to cut strawberries


failed on the first attempt at strawberry chocolate chip cookies but that is okay because the second and the third batch came out just right (and I dont have a good picture of it since it was immediately packed for sel)



As I am typing this I am sitting in my lecture room listening to the lecturer drone on and on. Today's lecture is something that interest me a lot. We were introduced about the rules of ethics and how it can differ from one person to another. In the end I guess this is just another topic out of millions that will be forever debatable with no right answers. Then again I find it pretty intriguing to be exposed to other people's perspectives. Personally I would think I agree more with the utilitarianism approach, I try very hard to not be selfish but in dire situations where I have to make choices in seconds I dont know if I will still try to priorities the happiness of others before my own. 
I am happy I seem to like the subjects I chose for this semester. The first few weeks of uni is always so stressful and mentally draining for me because I get anxious so easily but I am so happy to notice how I am so much more looser and chill these days. I dont live on fixed schedules and routines anymore and while that is a scary transition for me ( I know not many people can relate to this), it is actually a pretty liberating experience.
anyways my favourite bag broke just the other day and because I dont want to damage it even further I decided to buy a cheaper temporary bag just until mom visits and buys me a new one lol

I lovee it. I love how its so versatile and can go with any outfits. I love how its the perfect shade of dusty pink and I love how it has many small compartments and can store so many of my essentials.

Part of my daily essentials lol. I play around with pink shades a lot. My current favourite lip product is probably the dior tattoo in natural nude. Its very long lasting and the color is a very subtle nude.
I also bought the IT cosmetics lip flush in je ne sais quoi and it has replaced my old maybeline baby lips lip balm. I like how it shows up transparent at first but changes to our own customized pink afterwards.

I should probably get back to my lecture lmao