The day my boyfriend surprised me with peonies just because. I have always loved everything pink and floral and this just made my day so much better! The peonies have been blooming bit by bit and it is just too pretty!!!


I dont talk to my dad about my struggles a lot but one of his phrases he mentioned years ago still sticks with me up to this day,

 "In every situation/problem you face, there is always both the good and bad aspects to it. There is no situation that has only one."


I have the bestest and sweetest boyfriend in the world and today I get to celebrate that!
Happiest birthday to the love of my life, you make me a happy happy girl

(I hope you dont stumble upon this earlier than you meant to just like how your other surprises are already ruined!!!! :<)



Dragged the boyfriend to a painting class with me last week and we got to draw our own variations of Totoro. To be fair, 'drag' would be an overstatement lol I am so lucky and grateful how Dodo always willingly participates in whatever I catches my eye. Just before the class he told me he was nervous to paint but a few hours later the teacher commented she notices how dodo smiles to himself as he paints eheheh how cutee! Both of us agreed painting is something we will definitely want to do again in the future. For me the two hours painting was so therapeutic. Being a person who is always anxious and overthinking, there are very few situations where I can just stop and breathe and be in the present state. We also went to a Harry Potter Orchestra last weekend (something Dodo willingly participates again) and it made me feel so nostalgic. I have read and watched all of the Harry Potter series and played all the online games available. Its just too bad we did not get the best seats! nevertheless I still enjoyed it immensely and in the quest to convert Dodo into a potterhead. 

University-wise, I am constantly trying to be on top of the game. I am taking three difficult mandatory courses for my major (because I suck at numbers and statistics) and scared brainless that I might just fail the course. 

went to another painting session event and this time both of us were ashamed of our work because we think it looks like primary school art works. 



I’m sitting next to you in the library (pretending to be watching my lecture recordings) while you work on your group assignment. We just had our burrito bowls an hour ago and are now sharing my favourite strawberry smoothie from boost juice. My stomach is so full but my heart is fuller. The weather is so windy but my heart is warm eheh. It has been like this ever since you came into my life, being with you feels so natural and days has been so full of adventures and laughter. I always go to bed feeling so fulfilled and grateful! Thank you for coming into my life and for spoiling me with your love, for always being so patient with me and making me laugh when I wanted to cry, for always letting me know you will always have my back, for always making my heart full of butterflies, for always willing to listen me out during rants and arguments, and for being the bestest boyfriend and best friend I could ever ask for. You add so much love and joy into my life, and you have always been the calm to my storm. I like who I am with you and Im so excited for more future memories eheh 

I love you