Favourite boys 

When your parents went for a honeymoon trip to China, your boyfriend and his family are out of town, your sister is still in Australia .. 

Trying to turn this around by making it a positive experience because when else do I have the freedom to do anything I wanted, anytime at all (with no obligations to anyone)? 

I have not had any me-time for quite a while since I got back from Sydney, mostly because there is so much to do and my schedule is packed. Initially also felt down arriving in Medan because sometimes this city feels suffocating and draining, but its all past me now and I have regained my excitement for life hehe. 

Also been spending so much of my time looking for some good ol music because god knows sometimes we all need a pick me up .
So today I am going to finally do my nails, take a loong bubble bath, read some good books and maybe get some editing done


Home sweet home



I have been playing a lot with flowers lately, just because I cant help it (although mom has asked me to postpone my flower dream and put my focus on something else) . I miss walking into my flower course in Sydney, stepping inside the room and being surrounded by floral scents and pastel hues. 
The flowers we have here is very different from the ones I see in Sydney's flower market, it was a bit of letdown for me since my favourite flowers is not easily available here.

In my Ikebana course my teacher told us of her life in Japan, how during spring time she would sit with her friends below the cherry blossom trees and sip on sparkling champagne. And when April is ending there would be rows and rows of stunning displays of Wisteria along the shrines and flower gardens, creating an explosion of blue and purple in every corner and ceiling.
 And then there is the Iris festival throughout July, with the Hydrangea festivals to follow suit and the list goes on ~ 

the point she wants us to take home is to appreciate and enjoy every type of flowers, because they possess their own kind of beauty (just like us! lol).
 And not only that, it is important to enjoy the moment as it is. After all, it would be completely irrational to wait for cherry blossoms to bloom all year long and forgetting to appreciate all the other flowers blooming beside us.

Over warm coffees and flower arranging, I finally fully understood the concepts that I learnt from two novels I had read months ago, "Wabi Sabi" and "Ikigai". 


Function of Beauty Review

Being extra by using my personalised shampoo . How pretty are the bottles! 
My hair feels soft and smells like sweet peaches. However Ive had better hair days using other shampoos so I dont think I will repurchase.

The candle that has kept the whole apartment smelling like fresh linen and blue skies. I got it as an early graduation gift from the boyfriend and it has been well loved and used. ( he gave it to me right after a small argument to avoid being yelled at lol).

I have also been experimenting with this and that and super excited at some possibilities hehe