Its thursday and I am just feeling soo tireddddd *again*. Both physically and mentally *again*.
 I feel like this is going to be a cycle and something that I'd soon consider to be a norm, now that university workload began to kick in and quizzes, projects, assignments all pile up just out of nowhere.
My mind is still a mess, but Im starting to realize that it will always be a mess. Just the other day my friends teased me for being super indecisive to the extent that I drove myself crazy. It all comes down to this ; I dont know what I want. I honestly dont, and this freaks me out because everyone else seems to have it together. And Im just here still dipping my toes here and there, figuring and exploring lol. 
But ironically Ive come to terms with the jittery feeling in my stomach, its always gonna be there and Im starting to accept myself as an anxious overthinker and I guess at least I know every thing is going to work out in the end, somehow. At least I know what I dont want, that is a start.

Also mood improved a lot when I noticed that my laundry had been taken in by a housemate because it was raining and I was in uni, random acts of kindness from strangers really makes a whole lot of difference