Just the other day we learnt about Attribution Theory in psychology class. The lecturer explained how we tend to attribute the behaviour of  person due to their personality, but when explaining our own behaviours we justify it through external factors such as situational or environmental features. We also touched a bit about the psychology of evil. Back in the 1960's this psychologist invented an experiment to shed light regarding the participants of the holocaust. Were supporters just following instructions or were all of them inherently evil? I'll not go into details regarding the nature of the experiment but results indicated that when presented in the right situation and the right moment, majority of randomly sampled ordinary people would have no problem harming another innocent human.
This, I am only beginning to understand these past few days, although in a whole different context lol. I guess people are not always black and white. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all made out of positive and negative traits that emerge or not, depending on the circumstances. 
tbh its kinda messing with my head a little