three blue ducks

I want to say Im doing fine and all is good but the truth is uni pressure is killing me and at this point I just can try my best and take it one day at a time. But honestly everything is going on track. Im glad I started assignments early and did not procrastinate on projects.
Had brunch with Sel earlier this morning and this time we decided to explore places near Alexandria.

Three Blue Ducks

I feel like Alexandria is full of empty warehouse - renovated into cafes and I honestly love it. Big windows, airy spaces and personalised charm. Also, the service there is super friendly too

It was also scorching hot today

See what I mean? The cafe's got charm

The weather's been transitioning to Winter and most of my friends usually switch to hot beverages at uni around this time. The other day I tried ordering a 'soy mocha' because I heard the girl in front of me ordering it and it sounded so cool. Also,  I usually love mocha-flavoured anything. But it turned out to be the worst thing Ive ever swallowed. 
The Banana Smoothie I ordered earlier was okay. Too much yoghurt, too little bananas. I prefer the ones I usually get at Uni.

Sel arrived just in time as the food was being served. I always look like I got stood up by my date everytime I go out for brunch with Sel (she's always at least 25 mins late) and I learnt my lesson by always carrying a book with me so I dont look stupid

I ordered the Pokebowl!! Chock full of avocado, kimchi, seafood, grains, cucumbers, brown rice (??)
I think I could've ordered a more 'delicious' dish but I wasnt feeling very well and I had crap diet last week so I didnt regret ordering this (although Sel rolled her eyes at my dish). The whole thing was pretty tasty, but there is only so much you can do to a dish full of greens like this lol.

Ive missed playing around with my camera and just taking a breather in the midst of life. Just the other day Xin Yi ( I honestly love that girl so much) recommended this book to me (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle). Im only beginning chapter 3 but this book has already given me so much to think about. I usually can go through two novels in one day and the only reason its taking me so long to read this one is because I feel like I need to pause at every paragraph just to absorb the newfound knowledge lol. Its honestly been helping me so much already and Im excited at what Im gonna learn next! 
So if anyone is like me (aka always anxious), I'd hands down recommend this book