Writing this in uni cafe again after my morning tutorial. It is a wednesday morning and will probably be the heaviest day of the week for me in terms of university but I have a free day tomorrow and the prospect of having a free day to do whatever I want excites me. maybe its the rainy weather, or maybe its the soft instrumental music from the cafe but I am kind of nostalgic today. Every turn and every minute I get reminded of how my daily habits and patterns have changed now. And it just dawned on me how unhappy I was at one stage of my life with myself. I used to take pride on myself for having a good discipline, Ive never liked being anxious and not being able to predict the future scares the hell out of me, it keeps me awake at night. I dealt with that by controlling the things that can be controlled. I hate to mention this but I still struggle with stuff like that. But I guess everyone is a work in progress