Shanghai trip was amazing and I went home with new found appreciation and respect of Chinese culture. But aside from good memories I also went home with a slight migraine from sleep deprivation, anxious thoughts for no particular reason, and a face full of lactose intolerant symptoms from the dairy products (read : lattes, sweets and cakes) I consumed within the last 10 days. After not being sleep deprived and having insomniac nights for so long, it actually reminds me of the time when I sort of hate life, from pulling of all nighters, to getting bad grades and not sleeping at all for days a time (gg my stomach for downing a record of 5 cups of coffee in a day).You get the gist, I wasn't exactly an amiable and positive person.

But right now I can say with upmost certainty that things are ever so slowly falling into places and it is beginning to make sense why certain things didn't work out before. There are times where I wish I could redo some decision, from enrolling to a different uni to not spending so much on the same shade of nail polish, but I dont regret any of my past decisions because all of them led me up to this point.

I am genuinely the happiest Ive ever been, the kind of happy that warms your heart,and makes you want to believe in fairytales. It still feels so surreal to be with someone who feels like home in every possible way.