To say that 2017 was the most challenging would be the understatement of the year. I can say with complete certainty that exactly a year ago from today I am not the same person. If anything, 2017 was the year that taught me the importance of self evaluation. Ive had my fair share of mentally draining events, hard choices, impulsive behaviours, disappointments, but there is always the silver lining in each situation because in the end I get to learn more about myself. I like to think that for every struggle we faced we will emerge stronger and more resilient than before. 2017 was probably the year I cried myself to sleep the most, but it was also the year I laughed the loudest and felt the happiest Ive ever been. It made me question my old beliefs and also broadened up my perspectives about things. It showed me the uncertainty in life and how a year can bring in so many changes.
  It brought people into my life that I dont plan on taking for granted but most importantly as cheesy as it sounds it taught me self care and self love. Im only starting to grasp who I am as a person and Im so excited at what other challenges 2018 has to offer.