Friends who've been with me long enough knows that I do spontaneous stuff when I have lots of thoughts in my mind. I am starting to think that it is my coping mechanism. It gets tired always having to stay on the safe side and stick to comfortable routines and these random burst of acts are kind of my lame attempt at being rebellious. 
One of the spontaneous stuff that I did these few months ( that I did not really regret) was finally dyeing my hair shades lighter than my original colour.

This was 6 months ago when my hair was still untouched

Picture reference inspiration lol, at the time I really wanted to try out silver or ash hair

Verdict : It turned out too light for my liking but over time I got used to it and really liked it!

Im home in medan just three days ago and parents convinced me to dye it back to a mahogany brown and to be honest I think I like it better this way

Who knows what other unplanned stuff I will do during my next one