I cant believe its May already. Only one more month to go before I go back home to Indo woots. The weather's definitely getting colder but not enough for sweater weather yet. Right now the only thing I want is for exams to be over.

Also, Loreal came up with this range of lipstick (I think its called 'La vi en Rose') and I immediately fell in love with the shade 'Naomi's delicate rose'. Its a beautiful mauvey-nude pink colour and I feel like it made the list to my MLBB collection. Its also surprisingly sheer, so its casual enough for everyday use. Major love! I swear I cant seem to get enough of nude lipstick. They all look the same but trust me, once you start buying one, you'll always find a reason to add another to your collection. 

I think shopping (or pampering myself lol) is my new stress mechanism. The other day I was feeling overwhelmed by assignments and I just bought this new shampoo on impulse even though my old one has not run out yet. But if I have to be stressed, at least my hair feels silky and smells like a bouquet of roses

Also, look at my nail polish collection. I know they look similar but I swear they have different undertones and does not give off the same effect on my fingers. Im into nudes right now (if you cant already tell) and I just added the Sally Hanson miracle gel in 'mauvy rose' into my collection. Ive been eyeing Essie's shade in 'Spin the Bottle',  but lets wait til my next stress shopping episode.

Sleep deprivation + constant migraine + Cold weather
May is just so academically demanding but I guess my schedule will be less hectic in another two weeks. 

Hope everyone is not suffering from insomnia / bipolarity like me lol I genuinely wish whoever is reading this have a good day