This week has been so interesting, to say the least. 

First things first, I finally found my perfect shade of matte lipstick, and I dont usually even like matte lipstick. Im more of a maybelline tinted lipbalm person, or maybe slap on some tinted waterdrop lipstain if Im feeling girly but Im so in love with Nyx's soft matte lip creams!I dont know the exact shade I got but I just feel like the formula is surprisingly moisturising and it does not chap my lips compared to the Kylie lip kit.

and then Beatrice texted me this before calling me and asking me to get to the gym asap because apparently she needs to show me something funny. Arrived there early and turned out the Gym was closed for easter break and Beatrice's sick joke was her waving her arms in front of the door and laughing her ass off.

But yeah its Easter break, university is out and went hanging out at darling harbour today - as the third wheeler. But these two people are just so in love its refreshing.

I really should stop wearing black clothes, but they are just so versatile and convenient haha

I swear, there is just something about seeing people being in love. It makes you feel happy for the couple but want to punch them at the same time.