Hunter Valley

Much needed break from uni and had a 'kinda' spontaneous trip to Hunter Valley. I used the word spontaneous only because the trip was supposed to take place during the easter break but everyone have nothing else to do this weekend we just went for it. 

Hunter Valley was so scenic!


Ive never seen so much Greens in Sydney! 

I love this shade of pink and blue.

Seared Scallop was delicious. Cant say the same about the sauce tho. I personally dont think sweet corn goes well with scallop but each to their own, I guess.

'Why the heck did you order the vegetarian option, Katina'
The mushroom risotto was nothing to hype about but I might be biased because I dont like rice in the first place. I mistook ravioli for risotto.

To compensate for spending so much we decided to stay in for dinner and had hilariously attempt to cook dinner. But everything turns out good in the end and the process was so fun lol.

Now its back to the normal grind again. I hope this week is will treat me good