No more bitter posts, I promise. If there is anything that Ive learnt this year, it is the realisation that thinking too much really drains the heck out of you. What can I say, I guess I am still a work in progress. 

It feels surreal that after almost a year, I am back in Singapore again. Literally squealed and gave Xin Yi a bear hug when we met and stayed up late talking and catching up with everything. 
LookSee LookSee
A tea boutique/salon that has the 'pay as you please' concept, so basically visitors pay what they want to pay. I got the peach and jasmine green tea and it was so, so, so fragrant. 

I have such photogenic friend ;)

Also, I re-discovered my love for all things cookie butter. I swear, I can eat this all day long. Its even better than the overhyped nutella.

Natural state : always multitasking

Also went to art galleries

I feel like tomorrow and the following days is going to be brimmed with adventures and catch-ups. Today I just feel so blessed to have certain people in my life! :))