Bali Babes

Blogging from Uma Ubud Como Hotels and I am happiest/relaxed that Ive been in a while. Such a surreal feeling, meeting up with Wendy and Elva after literally a year. So so grateful and Im a happy happy girl.

Woke up at 4 am to catch the plane to Bali from Changi Airport so probably going to have an early night later. I feel so exhausted I can just sleeep anytime soon.

Elva, who almost fell asleep at the couch. Our Villa is amazing. The staff was so accommodating and friendly.

My bed on the right!! I love how simplistic the design is but it still manages to give off that homey atmosphere. 

Free fruitsss!

Elva's and XinYi's space

We have our own private pool as well

The only bit that was a bit intimidating is the outdoor shower. Not even kidding, the shower is literally covered by leaves and super transparent glass lol. 

Super contented and grateful for the people in my life, especially this year hehee.