It is beginning to look a lot (and feel) like christmas!

I cant believe the year is coming to an end soon, it feels like it was just months ago I graduated from IB and started thinking about applying to Australia for universities. 

I just had my last exam of the semester this afternoon and currently devoting my night just pampering myself with facemask and more michael buble music *dont judge me*. I really needed a break, I think, to just pause and live in the present moment because thinking too much gives me anxiety and for the past few weeks I think my heartbeat's beating 2x quicker and I get distracted so easily. 

This feels good, no obligations to do anything. 

But Im so excited to go back home finally! I dont really get affected by homesickness anymore since Sydney, but I recently just realised how much I miss home. 

Probably will be updating more sooon