Sometimes I look back at my posts and wonder how the hell I have this much courage to publicly vent out my innermost thoughts knowing that anyone could have access to it. Its almost comparable to publishing a private diary online, broadcasting your fears, giving people just enough information to know how and where to stab at your weakness, being vulnerable to judgement. Its just weird how I feel like once I open up my privacy has been robbed as my words can be used against me anytime. 
But now I dont really care anymore lol.
ugh just giving out trust trust trust, a whole load of faith and positivity to everyone, everything, everytime because I dont want to have this negative perception ruining my life anymore. It really helps, living life with no expectations. 

On a completely different tangent, one of the few things that Im trying to incorporate into my life is having the belief that everything is unfolding as it should, and every situation no matter good or bad serves a lesson to you. A friend once told me that the concept of failure does not really exist, only the soft nudge to the direction you are meant to go. If things work out, good. If things dont work out, its fine too. Better things are coming :)

Cheers to another week!