10 AM saturday situation 
meet my housemate from the lower level 

The tiny giant petersham cafe

Oliv's dish 

I ordered the 'famous waffle' just because I was out with Sel the other day and she kept on mentioning about waffle cravings. 

Verdict? too sweet for me! the maple syrup was too overwhelming and the waffles was not crispy enough.
Look at me being a food critic when I cant even cook hahaha (I promise to improve over december break)

Maureen's Peanut Butter and Jelly Cronut
Had a bite and it was way better than my dish

Cant deny that the presentation is so pretty!

Nasya / Maureen

Maureen/ Agnes

Cuties hehee

aigoo maureen chinggu a 

also, this week was crap. Like literal crappp. mentally exhausting. overwhelming. lowest of lows. So much pressure. 

Sometimes all you want is to just have someone be there for you and just listen, and literally be there.
so frustrating sometimes haha.
Butttttttttt here is to better daysss!!
 Parents are coming over to visit soon and mid break is almost heree 
Also, mom just confirmed that we will be going to Japan again this december so I have lots of things to look forward to :) 

hope you all have a nice and happy week!  xx