Hand on heart

You know when you have one of those days where you just dont feel like doing anything at all but chill? Today is definitely one of those days. Its barely 5 pm and I am already snuggled in my bed with my pajamas on. Mindy Gledhill songs are playing in the background and a vanilla scented candle lit by my side (I just hope I dont burn the place down). It just feels so unbelievable good to spoil yourself once in a while, especially after a long week! 

Went for brunch at the local mbassy earlier today

Here it is!! 

Winter is definitely over. Just this morning I saw a butterfly for the first time in months, and I dont know how I feel about it just yet.

Lets just say we got lost a few too many times, missed bus stops and did too much cardio for our liking today.

My spanish omelette!Soo goodd guys!

Crispy Chicken Burger 
Mediterranean Brekkie

Red Velvet Pancakes!

Feeling so comfortable I might just take a nap anytime soon. Electric blanket+fresh sheets are the way to go to detox your mind, I swear.

I have approximately an hour to nap before I need to prepare for dinner plans lol