Infs no

30 minutes left to my information systems tutorial and I decided to take this time to blog. Because frankly, Im bored as hell. And I am in the mood to write and post pictures. So here goes a random post where I post random tips and information. Yeah, I dont know what this post is about either, but bear with me.

The first thing I do, all the time, the minute I wake up is to make my bed. I dont know why but I feel like I cant start my day without doing that, and also having a quick cold shower. Even though it is winter and freezing, I always need the water to be cold otherwise I will sleep in lectures. I kid you not.

(Im lucky I love my room! It is 5 minutes from uni, I have my own bathroom and a balcony as well so life is good)

Study table! Tip 1, fairy lights and flowers make everything look better. 

Also, applying lotion have been a daily staple here in Sydney since the weather can be very drying. I love the lavender one mom bought for me. Somehow it helps me sleep better. Also I bought vanilla-scented candles for my bedside table and it has been helping me sleep faster. Placebo? maybe. but does it work? heck yaaa.

Skin care routine!
1. Clinique toner
2. Innisfree cleansing water
3. Moisturiser
4.Sleeping pack
5. Sunscreen

I remember before leaving for Sydney, Angie always stresses the importance of Skincare, especially in this bipolar weather. 

Dreamcatchers, always haha 

lol I better get going now.

Hope you all have a nice day, and happy weekend xx