Mind has been kinda hectic this week, hence the lack of blog posts because I dont really know what to write. Everything is kind of a jumbled mess right now. And all I really want to just to take a short break and forget about workloads for a while. Anxiety has also been pretty bad, which is why been suffering from insomnia again. Really sucks, when you dont know why your brain cannot calm down and your heartbeat feels as if you have been running a marathon although you have been sleeping in the same position for hours. Reading doesnt help because you cant focus, revising is worse because then you feel worse about yourself, all you can do is just wait it out. But strange enough, I dont really drink coffee anymore but Im still very much awake and active in classes, dont feel sleepy at all. just the constant sense of worrying that something is not right, something will go wrong. It is frustrating and i hope this will pass soon.