Seems like fridays are always eventful. Information System tutorial was so intense as usual because I dont know what I am doing half the time. But all is good because I have the rest of the day off.

hiii infs/business law partner/housemates on the lower floor!

Went to Devon Cafe earlier just to satisfy my truffle cravings, but turned out that they only have the special menu at the other branch located in Surry Hills. Crap. 

How pretty is the lightning!! Now that winter is almost over, I no longer have the need to wear sweaters and jackets. Im so excited!

Did not get to devour my much anticipated truffle toastie, but this breakfast burger was delicious so I did not regret ordering this. 

Breakfast at Sakuma


Mushroom pasta

since they wanted to be featured lol all single and ready to mingle, if anyone is interested? 

Not mine, but had a sip and although Im a huge fan of vanilla, this milkshake is just far too sweet for my liking. Again, I can be biased because Im always leaning towards the savoury.

Strolled around at Bondi Beach (again!!) for a bit before dinner at Chinatown

Ive always, always wanted to try Dodee thai restaurant and finally got the opportunity to try out their volcano spicy dishes. I got the level 5 option and did not really find it to be that spicy,  was able to drink the whole soup in the end. Delicious, but I was not really full yet so we went to get creampuffs afterwards. 

Tomorrow should be fun as well since I will be having watermelon cake with my sister