All I ask

Lets go to the beach, she said. 

So off to the beach we go!

Uni workload took me by surprise, its only been week 3 but its just been crazy. I dont know why I decided to take up business law and information systems. At least the other subjects I actually enjoy! But thankfully still enjoying all lectures and most tutorials, so I am happy. Also, its just nice to learn things I wouldn't have known about if Ive opted out. But just so glad the weekend is here and I can have a bit of a breather before monday comes again. Although I have to catch up on homeworks and quiz revisions the whole day tomorrow.

First time going to bondi with Sel, and I think we both agreed that most people take beaches for granted. I think we both like the ocean for different reasons. I find it calming, I like the colour, I like the sound of waves and the idea of mystery since only 5% of the ocean has been explored to date. Sel likes to think that the 95% unexplored statistic meant the possibility of mermaids.

Sydney weather. Super unpredictable, and always have to check on the weather forecast everytime I go out. Thankfully it was shining bright the whole day.

Window shopping all day long because we broke af  we bought clothes

Exhausted. This week has been emotional and Im not the type to rant out or open up to people easily, I tend to try and deal with things alone. Not really comfortable showing or sharing feelings with people, and Im pretty sure most can relate. But holy crap it gets exhausting sometimes to always have to put on a happy front.

 Really, a chill day like this with no worries and obligations was exactly what I need.

I hope you all have a lovely day! x