Spent the day with Selina todayy!

Just to make it clear, I dont go eat nice pretty brunches everyday. Im not that big of an eater, and I already want to cry everytime I look at my daily spendings. Brunches and (window) shopping are reserved for the weekends only. And I like to think that I am actually quite practical when it comes to purchasing items. I only buy what I need, and I dont really like shopping. Since today is sunday aka chill day, we initially planned to go to Devon Cafe because of the 'truffle season' but later on ended up trying a new place instead.

My dish! Brioche french toast with strawberries, maple syrup, almonds, cream. Too sweet for my liking. Much much too sweet. But then again my opinion might be biased because I dont have a sweet tooth. 

Rose Ice Tea!! Love the colour, love the taste, and I appreciate how the had the sugar separated.

It was sooooooo cold. But we still had icecream afterwards. 

Noww I am regretting my outfit choices once again because I think I just caught the cold (again!!!)