First things first, Happy birthday Angie!!

I actually had prepared a whole paragraph of insults but we already do that to each other on a daily basis so I guess on your birthday I am obligated to be nice so I wont post that. But seriously. Why are we friends? How did we become best friends? I cant exactly pin point the moment we decided that we can actually tolerate each other but thankyou I guess for listening to my rants and boy problems *lel hahhahhahaa* even though you sometimes always give shit advices but there are no one else that understands my humour better than you. Yay for another year!!!

SO .

Its been a week since I got off the plane from Sydney and I am bored out of my wits end here. Does not help that all my friends are scattered in different countries so I might not get to meet them after all :(. But still, its always nice to be back in my comfort zone

PS. I am back on my ask.fm temporarily before uni starts!! Go spam me random questions, Im super bored!