Just came across my old magazines and boards and found my old bucket list and things to achieve before I die, and suddenly feeling so scared for the future because literally cant deal with life's unpredictability and who knows where I will be 4-5 years from now. Really hope that I will get to achieve my life goals, see places I wanna visit and experience new things. Also, just rewatched Eat Pray Love the other day and was actually inspired to do the same. Just ditch everything, put real life on hold and go travel to a foreign country, immerse in different culture, different people different foods and gain new perspectives. 
Right now everythinggggg is sooo confusing. I dont know what I want, what I should do, what I am meant to do. But they say have faith and everything will work out in the end. Its just that there are so many things I want to do and explore and experience. And I am soo scared that in the end I will be too caught up with life's 'flow' and forget what truly matters. I am going to shut up now because I dont make any sense. But yeah. Sometimes I just want to smack myself for thinking too much.