Im home!!

I was actually afraid to mention that I will be back in Indo beginning of july because I was very certain that I will jinx it and will miss my flight/forgot to wakeup/not being able to go back home after all. Cant believe a whole semester has passed, just like that! And Ive been getting soo many emails *wow yeah* and questions asking about Aussie life, if I like it, how it compares to Singapore life, how I managed homesickness and all that.

To be honest before I came to Sydney I was t.e.r.r.i.f.i.e.d of being away from home for at least 5 months (back then in Singapore I came home every month and cried almost every night). But heck I love my Sydney life (so far! I dont know if my opinion might change in the future, just stating my opinion at this moment). I love the city, friends, university, brunches, suburbs and the crisp unpolluted air. And up to this moment I havent experienced any homesickness yet. Even when I dropped my mom off the airport, I havent cried this year. I still miss home- a lot, but I havent been depressed or let that fact affect my mood, because I am having so much fun lol. And I dont exactly know what it is, since my routine is still as mundane as ever (read: uni, study, brunch, friends, gym, homeworks..blahblah), but unlike in Singapore, I dont wake up dreading the day and counting down days, crossing down calendar dates to go back home. Maybe I just love having my own private room that I love (I might upload pictures soon), the road trip opportunities, the chill life, the scenic views since I like taking long walks alone lol. I really dont know, but I can say that I am pretty contented with my current life situation. So yea, will totally recommend Sydney for studies.

Here's to winter vacation, and I hope I will love my second semester in Sydney as much as I love the first. If not even more!