Its the weekendddd!! And this time spent the day welcoming Vanesha (aka long lost baking partner in crime) to Sydneyyy! Hopefully more foodventures to come yayy!

Spent the morning at Bondi Beach, and the weather was brutally sunny. 

Harry's Bondi!! We ordered the pulled pork burger with a side of sweet potato fries, and the cacao hotcake berry to share. Both of us agreed that the former was delicious but the latter was not worth the hype. And the wait.

Her expression aka ''katt can I eat now or are you gonna take pictures of the food all day''

The hotcake was just like a huge pancake but it was a biiit dry. But still a recommended dish if you have a sweet tooth. I prefer savoury dishes over sweet.

We also talked about how we actually like Sydney's lifestyle and never got homesick, even though both of us went through homesickness before coming to Sydney hahaha.

Me forcing my friends to model for me, all the freaking time hahahahah

Headed over to a park before having icecream later on that afternoon! 

 My sister texted me and told me I was crazy for wearing tanks during winter but Im not kidding, the heat was brutal. The grass was hot.

Soooo not looking forward for uni to start and life to get hectic again. But still trying to adopt an optimistic attitude. Geez these days I kept on getting mini anxiety attacks for no reason at all, cant sleep and heart feels unease.

But day well spent! Always grateful for a great day with even better company