Bread and Circus

Cant believe it is already saturday! Not that it made any difference at all, because as far as Im concerned, everyday is still a holiday for me. That ends soon because uni will start this monday. Had a brunch date with my sister earlier today and we decided upon Bread and Circus because it has been included in my 'to-go' list for as long as I remember.

Located in Alexandria! I love the industrialised feel of the area, and how the warehouses and storage spaces have been creatively converted into cafes. 

Super pretty display! I mean.. flowers, natural light and pastel tones.. everything I love in one place.

I remember this drink is called 'something green', and its a concoction of fruits and vegetables such as celery, kale, cucumber, lemon. A refreshing way to start the day but my sister would think otherwise.

Affogato something that my sister ordered and claimed to be good. I am trying to wean off coffee and am very proud for not ordering my usual caffe latte.

'Parmesan not so scrambled eggs with truffle oil and chilli', 'summer on toast', 'something green', 'affogato'. 
(I just bought a new phone case and I am in love!!!)

Sel's dish, Summer on toast. If I remember correctly, it contained goat's cheese, tomato, basil leaves and chilli flakes served in some type of bread.

My dish!! Parmesan not so scrambled eggs! Ive been drooling over this from ig and it does not disappoint! I only wish that Ive requested more chilli.

Full bellied and satisfied! 
With that being said, both of us decided to start packing our own lunches and stop going out to eat everyday lol its so easy to lose track of money in Sydney!