so cold

First things first.

I  just finished the whole 10 season of 'friends' and I dont know what to do with my life anymore. Yesterday was a super sad day because the last episode was a tear-jerker and now I am on the hunt for a new TV show to obsess over. Something funny, preferably! So back in Sydney and actually been super busy hahaha going back and forth, finishing my new room, meeting friends, buying new utensils and grocery shopping. At the end of the day always super exhausted. Anywaysss, went to bondi wholefoods earlier today with Olivvvv (read: foodie partner in crime) 


Savoury Bowl

Acai Bowl (verdict: I dont like) 

Healthy stuff

Then we went down the beach for a quick stroll but it started to rain and I was wearing stockings and was feeling nauseous all of a sudden because too much food and cold and stomach cramps hahahaha.

So now Im in bed listening to oldies, god bless my insomnia tonight.

But always a fun day! 

Uploading more pics in the next post!