Guess who is here?????????! Yep. Angie Gatha!

Last night Agatha sent me a message telling me that they just cancelled their trip last minute to Sydney because Angie got Appendicitis and had to get surgery. Also, apparently she had to stay at least a week in the hospital for recovery. 

And THEN, apparently this morning Angie felt better and decided that she is fit to hop in a 11 am flight to sydney! and apparently she got the doctor's consent and everything! ( I kept on saying 'apparently' because I honestly dont know what to believe because I was honestly freaked out yesterday and thought it was a bad case. So had my management exam today and I think it went good, besides the fact that I forgot that I had to write the 'section B' answer in another booklet so I had to write a long sad letter to the marker asking him/her for consideration. Last exam tomorrow and then Im freeee! But I might just die because statistics.