I think the pictures will do most of the talking here

After 2 hour train ride, finallyy arrived at Wollongong

Private beach situation!!

Then we took another hour ride to Kiama! Sooooo bummed that my camera ran out of battery, otherwise I'd be uploading tons of pictures and gushing over cute cafes and cottage summer houses! Seriously, pastel walls, lighthouses, cute dodgy cafes, blowholes, and seaview, looks like something out of a sylvanian family situation!!! Too pretty! But when we got there all the cafes were closed so we settled for pizzas, fries and burgers.

Kiama Sunsets makes the sore feet, cramped muscles sooo worth it. Overall such a good trip, Im so glad I decided to have that 'screw lol yolo imma join anyways' attitude even though I still had not been able to sleep by 5 am and we were supposed to meet by 8:45 am to catch the train. Yay for friends, food and roadventures!! 

Video will be uploaded here soon!