Top Impression Bakery Cafe probably made it to the top 5 in my 'to-go list', especially after seeing it appear countless of times in @breakfastinsydney from instagram. I'd go crazy for matcha anytime, anywhere and this doesn't disappoint. Even before arriving I already know what I want to order!

The bakery is located just across Wolli Creek station. The only downside was probably the lack of tables available to accommodate big groups.

Almond, matcha, ferroro rocher, matcha croissant

smiles smiles smiles all around! And us being girls we probs took 20 minutes to take insta-worthy pictures before actually eating 

Some commented that it was not sweet enough but it was perfect for me since Im not a big fan of sugary desserts

The hype is real, guys! It tasted as good as it look. I remember having trouble lifting the croissant with the clipper thing at the bakery because it was filled chock full of custard green tea cream! Also, the layers were still very crispy so big thumbs up for that!

Next stop was the contemporary art museum

Ive got to be honest, I dont really understand contemporary art, but I still find it interesting how art can be so subjective and can have so many interpretations to different individuals.

Sydney's sun is very bleaching, turns the damaged ends of my hair red

Been a long time since I have a girl's day with such a big group (11 of us in total!!)
But day really well spent with good food and good company!