Just keep swimming

 Today's weather was perfect for walking and exploring the city. And about time too! its been crazy raining for the past few days and while its nice to sleep in sometimes, I will forever be waiting for the sun to shine again.
At school teachers will alwaaaaaays get our names interchanged. Both of us agreed that we do look similar. Except the fact that Agatha decided to have a growth spurt and leave me 6 cm behind

I have pretty friends yes???! ( both of you if you are reading this, shut it)

Decided to visit the grounds of alexandria! As usual, pretty flowers, pretty stalls and foods all around!
(ps. you'll never guess the story behind this picture)

Aaand this is what happens when you love flowers but you are broke AF so you just try and take as many pictures as possible

Next stop was Anita Gelato!
Both of them had the gelato (pistachio, cookieman and chocolate) but I opted for the yoghurt instead. We had three cakes and croissants for breakfast and I was feeling kinda sick with sugary stuff.

We also managed to squeeze in two movies (me before you) and (finding dory)! I prefer the former to the latter because I am very realistic and most cartoons get on my nerve haha #honesthour

Another satisfying day full of belly laughs, foodventures and catchups! Just realised how much ive been missing my super duper dysfunctional squad