So earlier today I was in the newtown suburb and decided to go for desserrt. Ive always wanted to try out Gelato Blue, a humble shop selling dairy free, gluten free and egg free gelato ice cream. I still cannot tolerate lactose, so I dont get to eat icecream that often. Seeing that the shop is located in the suburb I decided to give it a try!

Did I mention that Newtown is filled with vintage thrift stores ?

Stay safe guys.

Anyways, arrived at Gelato Blue and was immediately greeted by a whole range of flavours! The owners told us that all the products are homemade and they always exert that extra effort to make sure the quality is always top notch.

I decided to settle with a tiramisu (surprises, surprises). Verdict? Ive got to be honest. Plant based ice-cream or gelato just cant beat the real creamy goodness and consistency of real milk and cream. Messina's Tiramisu will always be my favourite! But for a healthier alternative, it was still super delicious. Yummy enough for us to decide to get another round haha.

I did not finish the whole thing, just came back from blackstar pastry so sugar overload in my stomach!
Also, sister suddenly demands she wants watermelon cake, so hired uber to her place and then after I arrived I received a text saying that she's still at school (whaat!). The only rational thing to do was to leave the box with the plants and hope for the best lol.

I'd definitely come back for more. At last, a gelato that doesnt turn my face red and hot! 

On another note, I probably should stop eating out all the time. I just realised that Ive been going out every single day for a few weeks already (since exams ended lel) and I am missing home cooked meals so bad!