Visuals of the day

Woke up early and went to hyde park to go stalk strangers and try practicing with my camera

Superb brunch!! Verdict : Everything was so good and so worth the price! I tried wine for the first time and I honestly dont like it at all. Maybe its an acquired taste? 

Then went over to Circular Quay, had millefeuille cake, chocolate icecream

As I am typing this, my face is red and painful and raw and itchy because of the lactose allergy reaction ahahaha I never learn from my mistakes.

Then had another round of dinner and dessert plus sweet potato fries! Did I mention my finals is due next week? :)

Also, I slept over at Brenda's (aka my old house) and the memories hit me hard, feeling very saddddd and pagewood-home-sick :(

lol now I have to go study my ass off to make up for yesterday's fun