Happy Daze

Pretty much sums up the three days spent together with 2/5 of the squad, cant believe their Sydney trip is halfway over already!!

Today's earlier part of the day was spent at Blackstar pastry. I was very determined to not let them miss out Sydney's biggest hype (aka the infamous watermelon cake). Verdict? I already knew I love it, and Angie Agatha agreed that its well worth the hype.

Then I had my usual Soy Latte :

Did I mention that it freaking rained the whole day? We were supposed to go to the grounds of Alexandria and explore the weekend market but the weather is just not in our favour. 

Also, because none of us were full after our cakes, we decided to order another round of desserts, both sweet and savoury.

There was another popcorn chocolate brownie which tasted so good but I dont think any of us managed to take a picture of it. I think we just ate. 
  1.  Also did a SamYang challenge, I lost.
  2.  Went out for Martabak manis, been so long I ate something so cheesy and lactose related, and Im going to suffer from allergy symptoms soon but it was very worth it.
  3.  We promised to be good and eat clean starting tomorrow.
  4. Im soooooooo coooold I think I might just go to bed and spend the whole night watching dramas.