Ice Ice

Exams are coming! Still trying very hard not to succumb under the pressure, and so far its working (?)
At the end of a (productive) day I still allow myself an episode of 'friends' because I swear the series is super hilarious and they make me a very happy person. But a small part of me is still stuck with Descendants of the Sun because the storyline is just so good! And different from the other dramas that Ive watched. So far the majority of korean dramas are kinda predictable. The typical girl stuck in a love triangle plot, with one jerk and one nice guy and the girl usually chooses the jerk at the end of the series. I never knew why!! But then again the jerk usually changes to a nice guy at the end of the series so all is good. Im so excited for all the dramas I will be watching after the exam! (I gave up on Pretty Little Liars after they announced a season 7..WHO the hell is A)

Also the weather is getting colder, but ive been craving cold foods instead. Cold drinks, yoghurt, smoothies, ice cream, iced lattes. Its so weird.