Pink Skies

  • Officially the last week of lectures! 
  • Caved in and opened snapchat, might be deleting it again because #batteryproblems and #procrastinateproblems
  • Made a mental list of cafes to visit after exams, this should be fun
  • Kinda overwhelmed with the amount of revisions I have to do, but as of now just treating it as general knowledge to learn, not just for the sake of exams. Dont know how this will go.
  • I miss Medan! 
  • I still dont know how to cook, but Agatha promised to help me when she visits. This should also be interesting.
  • Addicted to 'Friends'. such a mood booster, especially for someone like me who dont really laugh at jokes
  • Sydney sunsets and sunrise!
  • Also, the preview for 'Beauty and the Beast' got me feeling so excited! Emma watson + Ewan Mcgregor = high expectations! 
  • Kinda weird how people always see me in such different extremes. Im either super friendly or arrogant, loud or quiet, idk its just weird.