Yayy today was spent with good food and even better company :)

During my cafe hunt episode I stumbled upon Petal Met Sugar and yes, everything was as picture perfect as the google images you get.

First off, the cakes. ( ps. I always blog an event the day it happened, idk its just a habit and I think I can describe it more accurately, if it makes any sense at all)

So simple, but sooo pretty!!!

Limited selection. They say the croissants are one of the best, but I ordered the Earl Grey Mousse cake instead ( plus, matcha latte)

Apparently the shop is a collaboration between a florist and a patissier 

The place itself was quite humble, just a rented one room space with chairs and tables. the weather was freezing. I dont think i like it that much, I miss the sun already!

And then the foood came out and everything was edible! Even the flowers! * we waited at least 15 minutes for the food to come out just to take flatlay pictures. Everything was delicious!

Latte and the trio sample set

Hot chocolate

Croissant with ham and cheese

Latte and Matcha Latte

Damn the banana bread looks good

Mine!! If you're not a fan of sweet desserts, this is definitely recommended.

My fingers are numb from the cold and I am hungry again even though I just ate. Dying to go back to my electric blanket, watch another season of Friends and call it a day! But then decided to go for dinner and another Vivid night with friends because why the heck not. Also exams are fast approaching so I might not get to go out as often as now in the coming weeks :(