Super exhausted, but super happy!! 

Just turned 19 today, and to be completely honest I thought my 2016 birthday was gonna be crap. I didn't tell anyone about my birthday and to be honest I really didn't feel like celebrating it. Not sure why but maybe its because its my first birthday being away from parents, and I never thought birthdays are a big deal anyways. Also, I hate attention. Even the littlest attention makes me cringe and make me want to go back to bed. 
So ended up brunching with the other family member aka Selina  (who insisted that birthdays should always be celebrated) soooo this happened :

I woke up extra early and just strolled around, taking pictures

Autumn colours! We decided on Devon Cafe because it was convenient for the both of us   we both love the cafe! NOT surprisingly, she was late for half an hour and I ended up looking like I got stood up!

Matcha Tea Latte will forever be my guilty pleasure. I always get it before morning classes and it is not good for my wallet. 

*but also partly my fault because I always forget to reply to texts*
*I dont know why I named her Sally*

We also ordered the Yogi Bowl, but did not take any pictures because we both 'hungry af' 

Tiramisu Icecream for me (so predictable lol) and yoghurt for her

In the end my feet hurts soo bad, walking around non-stop from morning til noon. 

THEN came home to this!!!!! I have the loveliest friends #unicorndreamin<3333333 p="">

yayyyy feeling so happy and grateful these days! THANKYOU for the people in my life you all mean so much to me but I suck at expressing my feelings but really tq !!!

PS. Just started watching 'Friends' and already hooked!!!!

edit : totally did not expect to get sushicake hehee! Legit was in bed watching 'friends' with my econs textbook open to convince myself that I am 'revising' :


say hi to my attractive pajamas choices (its cold, ok?!)

Really thankful to have met a great bunch of friends in Sydney! Its never ever fun being the new kid on campus so really I am just feeling thankful grateful :)

Ending my birthday eating sushi (because I could not resist the temptation), here's to a great year !!