Videos worth watching

probably most of you wont click on these videos but y'all missing out.

On a completely different note, I finally re-vamped this page and I think it reflects my personality more. My favourite colours!! And Ive always been fascinated with the moon. I just looked back at my past entries and soo glad to see that I so much more at peace with myself compared to before. I remember waayyy back then just spending most of my day texting, instagramming, worrying what others think of me, worrying if my 'friends' are talking behind my back, avoiding mirrors at all cost  because dead low self esteem *my mom would know this lol*, and just feeling like the world is against me. I still have bad days, but instead of letting it get to me, I see it as a crucial part of life because they are there to put perspective for better days. And instead of being in my phone all day, I try to occupy my time doing things that makes me happy, be it photography adventures, reading something good or picking out bread in the bakery (I kid you not). And in the end, you'll find your group of friends that just gets your sense of humour and endures through your moodswings and bullshits and whatnots.

PS. Just added music background to this page, enjoy my favourite songs !xx