Turquoise blue

It is always too early for stats. If you cant agree with me on this I don’t think we can be friends.  True to rumors, university work start to pile up ever so gradually. From video recordings to group presentations, weekly quizzes and case studies, I feel like I barely have time to breathe. 
But at the same time I think things are off to a good start, I actually like being occupied and busy. Keeps my mind off things. When you have loads to do, you dont have time to overthink situations and mope around. When your brain is constantly balancing equations and memorising new terms, you dont think, you just do. And that has been helping me a whole lot. If only I dont overthink situations, I believe I'd have more things done by now. 
Agatha has promised a skype session where she’d explain everything so Im looking forward to that. I just cant sleep well if I don’t understand a lesson. Accounting has been getting trickier as well and my brain is shutting down because I cant seem to absorb information these days.  

But everything will work out!!! yehey