Hate how I always look like a little girl compared to my friends but whateverr. Anyways uni has been stressing me out because my brain refuse to engage with maths so Im pretty much dead for stats. But I think after intense studying I got some basics ingrained in my head. Just last night I asked Agatha for math help and even she was amused because I seem to get everything wrong! 

Maths just dont seem to like me!!! Also, Im determined not to let my other subjects deteriorate if I am going to be shit at stats. Anyways 

1. It has been too long since I have been this full. and no this is not one of those type where you say you are full but in reality you are only 'relatively' and 'subjectively' full. I dont think I have ever eaten this much, ever, in one go. Now I just feel 5 months pregnant

2. Mom and Dad is coming in three weeks time!!! I miss indo foods already!!

3. Will be enrolling myself in the gym again starting tomorrow because of easter break cheat week, just feel like practicing yoga. 

4. Also learnt that I have a very low alcohol tolerance.

5. apparently, people's first impression of me is either 'childishly innocent' or 'arrogant beeyatch' (not termed by me! I am just quoting. Personally I think I just try to not take situation seriously, andd I am preeetty sure my close friends can confirm that I am just super straight forward and have a sick sense of humor. Sometimes I just say things out of habit without filtering. And I dont get embarrassed easily because yolo and dont care.

oh wow I have 9 AM classes tomorrowww!!