Today I thought about staying in. I really did. When you wake up early in the morning with a runny nose, freezing cold hands and a huge wave of drowsiness, there is nothing you want more than to crawl back in bed and dedicate the whole day to do just that. The fact that I have a morning STATISTICS workshop does not help either. But seeing that I still have rooms for improvement and 'in test' exam (plus the probability of a presentation), I had no choice but to get my ass off to breakfast lol. Besides, I can never deliberately miss a lecture or tutorial. The guilt is too much.

So happy that the weekend is here again! I have decided to LEARN to cook for once, and since Agatha pretty much sent me a detailed step by step instruction, I have NO reason to fail this time. But knowing me I would probably burn something. I just dont know what, when or how yet.

ok edit post because I actually had fun today in uni! Although I dreaded the stats workshop. But youu know the feeling when you meet people and you just click? No awkward silences or awkward polite conversations at all. Glad that I seem to be getting along well with my stats group! Otherwise I dont think I can deal with maths so early on a friday morning. So far, everyone I meet in Sydney is so nice!! Also, I just discovered my new favourite uni snack - blueberry bagel with cream cheese! Moving on from my usual banana bread post lecture snack! and THEN I found out that I got another two weeks free in my neighbouring gym! Tomorrow is saturday so tonight will be burden freeeeeee.


cracking up over a post that Tiff just tagged me in, we both agreed that the pun is so unfunny that it becomes hilarious. And sooo jealous of her! Based on the pictures she sent me, Beijing seems like a legit place to take pictures and ''be more korean'' because apparently tiff has been ''eating kimchi and ramen every day'' HAHA.