Indonesian Night

So today was a bit freaky because at the bus there is this stranger who keeps on saying 'Im sorry' to me and how 'he has no choice' .And he gives out such a creepy vibe that I immediately texted my sister details of the guy just in case I ended up murdered or something. I watch to many criminal minds and sherlock holmes.
Anyways, volunteered as an event photographer earlier today at the Indonesian Night Market. Not gonna lie, being surrounded by indo comfort foods and hearing bahasa indo being spoken all around campus got me feeling a biiit homesick. But all is good because I asked mom to bring sambal belacan for me to stock up in sydney. 

Maureeeeeen! *right now its close to 11 PM and I have yet to revise for accounting due test tomorrow morning. 

Everything smells soo good. 

I swear Im the kind of photographer that will shamelessly go right in front of you and snap away.

Gamelan performance

Hiiiii Olivvvv!!!

In the end I have blisters in my toes from walking non stop and bruises on my knees, but still happy to get to play with my camera in the midst of uni.

AND just finished ranting out about statistics (and everything) to this girl! Who very patiently explained about confidence intervals and null hypothesis (sorry agatha I still dont understand anything). Funny how our conversation started out from binomial distributions to Song Jong Ki!