Sleeping playlist at the moment and I am in love. A bit embarrassed to admit that I dont know 80% of modern songs because Im still stuck with the good ol oldies. I feel like music created in the past have a special place in my heart. Spotify works brilliantly in Australia and it has become part of my routine to start and end each day with a song! Mostly jazz and classical, but if I am feeling adventurous maybe broadway music hahahahaha judge me see if I care. Just found out that most songs these days are just cleverly jumbled up words behind generic club music. Some are too fast they dont hold any lyrical content to it, and some are either downright offensive or dont make sense at all. But dont get me wrong, I love modern music!! I love jamming to Pillowtalk and Loveyourself and Work, its just that I dont consciously make an effort to keep tabs on new releases. This is why my sister always rolls her eyes everytime she scrolls through my itunes.

So bummed to hear that my family will be leaving for hongkong this week.