Cant feel my legs after spinning classes this morning.

If you follow me on snapchat you'd probably think that I am a gym freak because Ive been there for at least three consecutive days. I dont usually go to the gym but I received a 7 consecutive day trial pass so why not? it is free and ive got nothing to lose anyways! Brenda and I woke up at 5 ish this morning (UNintentionally, I might add, because we are just early risers) and we both agreed that the weather is getting colder everyday. And about time too! Cant wait for sweater weathers and warm blanket nights.

Headed towards Panivore at 29 Dalley Avenue NSW 2035, merely 5 minutes walk from our place!

Lovee the ambience of the cafe + everyone is so friendly!

Iced coffee after gym feels like heaven on earth. I always order this drink everytime I come

Ordered the tempeh and tofu sandwich because I miss indo foods. Also, by far panivore served the best sandwiches and this is huge coming from me (BECAUSE I have been living off sandwiches for at least 2 weeks!!!!.. so I know what I am talking about ok) * I NEED to start cooking gosh.

Came home to this view and realized that I have so much uni shit to do today. Logging off for now!