Lets just say today did not start up good. Woke up at 4 AM this morning because I ate Messina icecream last night *the tiramisu one was sooo good gosh no regrets* and my face hurts. Heard some rustling near the door and watched paralysed as a cockroach decided to stroll in casually. I legit cried myself back to sleep after cleaning up the cockroach mess. Then at 5 AM I changed the bedsheets, mopped the floor, wiped every dust off every furniture in my room and sprayed the whole area with bug-spray. Not exactly the most ideal way to start off a sunday.
But got to explore the city!

First stop was Usyd, and UNSW looks nothing like this but I think both campuses have its own pros and cons I guess.

Pitaya Bowl!! It was sooo refreshing and good! Especially when served under the scorching sun yesterday.

water aesthetic goals

Hyde Park

So cute!

NSW art gallery!

By the end of the day I was so sleepy and tired ( and probably way tanner) but glad to be more familiar with Sydney! I have tutorials and lectures in 2 hours time at 9 AM yikes!