Autumnal Summer

Today is just one of those days.
 I think it was around 3 AM and felt like making pancakes because midnight crave + insomnia but I guess you are not supposed to leave the stove or something because I ended up burning it , setting off the smoke detector and waking the whole house.(HOW DO YOU EVEN BURN PANCAKES, I DO NOT KNOW.)  Had a mini heart attack /panic break when I was informed that firemen might automatically come to the house anytime soon and I have to pay a $1500 AUD fee. I wanted to cry so bad and legit tried to hide under my blankets just in case (my mind do not work logically under stressed condition) but glad to report that there are no unwanted visitors throughout the day.

Nevertheless, safe to say that I do not plan to be cooking anytime soon.

But even that cant sway me from my good mood because :

1. Easter break is here!

2. Started watching Kdramas, and even though the show is not good for the self esteem and life expectations, it is ok because song joong ki is everything goals. THANKYOUU Agatha for always babbling and sending my screenshots of  'Descendants of the sun'. gosh korean dramas really sets expectations high, dont they.

3. Deleted snapchat!!! And I think this time it is for real! I think I spent too much time watching other people's life and wasting the time that could've been spent bettering my OWN life. So DAD, no I did not block you on snapchat (also,  u should know that users are notified when people screenshot their snaps) :P

4. Its going to be april soon, time flies so fast! Angie and Agatha might be visiting this June so fingers crossed that everything will go well!!