February be good

* I volunteered to be the school's photographer for a scholarship awards event last thursday, Im not sure if I could/should upload the pictures but here's one of my favourites!

I just noticed that it is the start of a brand new month! 1/12 of 2015 gone just like that. Plus, its also my mom's birthday so Im pretty bummed that Im not home to celebrate. 
I miss Indo foods and Indo vibes and even the shitty malls that we have! I miss the polluted air and even the streetfoods that my friends and I would sometimes venture. 

Yikes, I dont like ranting.

On the brighter side, school is out early tomorrow and that is always a good thing! Two more weeks to go until I head to the airport bright and early for my afternoon flight.

But then again, IOC is due next monday and I need to revise more of Wilfred Owen and Shakepeares. 

Sometimes Every second I want to punch IB in the face :(